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About Down Home Country Candles

I have been making 100% Soy Candles since 2012. The product designs and coloring may have changed, but the quality of the candles is still the same. My husband has joined the team and is a great help with the finances of the business as well as the technical aspects. We run the business out of our home in Colorado, and have turned part of our garage into a candle workshop.

Each candle is homemade with 100% Soy Wax, cotton wicks (to eliminate toxins & black smoke from being released into the air) and with natural, essential, or fragrance oils. Each of the candles are hand poured into 8 oz glass mason jars. The candles are not dyed but left as the natural color of the oils. When burning the candles, each candle will burn for 50+ hours. 

Down Home
Country Candles


Down Home Country Candles are, by far, the best hand poured, soy candles I have ever bought! The fragrances are pleasant but not overwhelming, and the candle burns all the way to the bottom! The candles are clean burning and keep their smell the entire time, unlike the store brands. You won’t regret purchasing a candle or tart from Brittany!

Stephanie D.

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